Organization as Communication

The idea that communication constitutes organization (CCO) comes in many flavors. You can have (and eat it, too) the omnipresent Montreal School with ties to French post-structuralism, McPhee’s four flows based on structuration theory, or Luhmann’s theory of social systems. Best of all, you can try out The Three Schools of CCO Thinking by reading our aptly named article just published in MCQ. Here’s the abstract:

The idea of the communicative constitution of organizations (CCO) has gained considerable attention in organizational communication studies. This rather heterogeneous theoretical endeavor is driven by three main schools of thought: the Montreal School of Organizational Communication, the Four-Flows Model (based on Giddens’s Structuration Theory), and Luhmann’s Theory of Social Systems. In this article, we let proponents of all three schools directly speak to each other in form of an interactive dialogue that is structured around guiding questions addressing the epistemological, ontological, and methodological dimension of CCO as a…

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